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K1S BoB Bike Glossy Black – v3


K1S BoB Bike Glossy Black – v3

Oorspronkelijke prijs was: €3450,00.Huidige prijs is: €3250,00.

The BoB Bike K1S is a beautifully designed, powerful and fast cruiser style electric scooter that rides like a Cadillac and carves like a Ferrari.

BoB is known for creating high quality, custom fat tire electric scooters; this one, the BoB Bike K1S, is their staple and has built in security features, custom molded fat tires that offer incredible control, excellent geometry for a comfortable ride, a full size twist throttle for that motorcycle feel and power and speed to spare.

Power — 1,200 nominal watts, 1,500 peak watts

The BoB bike K1S has a powerful 1,200 hub motor that can crank out a continuous 1,200 watts of power with the ability to temporarily boost to 1,500 peak watts. But this motor feels stronger than comparable motors of the same wattage output, and is able to easily climb moderate to steep hills and keep the rider at top speed until the battery runs dry.

Speed  — 25 or 35 km/u

The Bob bike K1S has a top speed of 25 or 35 km/u, which can be reached using the full size twist throttle. Cruising at top speed feels comfortable on the Bob Bike K1S and the tire profile makes it easy and fun to aggressively carve from side to side or just ride flat out on a straight away.

Battery and Range — 48 volt 20 ah, 50-55 km

The Bob Bike K1S runs on a 48 volt system and has a massive 20 ah battery for an estimated max range of 40 miles with the full size twist throttle. The battery is located beneath the deck, which keeps the center of gravity low and helps add even more stability to the K1S. The battery location also keeps it safe from dirt and debris, and the battery can be quickly and easily removed for those who want to swap it out to keep riding even further.

Display — LCD

The Bob Bike K1S has a small LCD display on the left side of the handlebars that provides basic feedback like speed and battery level. The display has a built in RFID reader and the K1S is unlocked via a provided RFID card.

Frame and weight — 6061 Aluminum alloy, 43 KG

The BoB Bike K1S is constructed from aluminum alloy and has a curb weight of 43 KG, which is much lighter than its competitors but still heavier than most electric bikes.

Suspension —  Rigid forks

The BoB Bike K1S has no suspension, but the tires have a large air volume and act as a sort of shock absorption to help smooth out the road.

Brakes — Hydraulic disc

The BoB Bike K1S has hydraulic disc brakes with 180 mm rotors in the front and rear, providing an excess of stopping power, which is good for a vehicle that goes this fast. The brake levers are equipped with motor inhibitors, which instantly cut power to the motor whenever the brake levers are depressed.

Warranty — 2 years comprehensive

The Bob bike K1S has a 2 years comprehensive warranty.

Price — Starting at €3.450,-

Starting at €3.450,- the BoB bike K1S is in the premium price range to be sure. It’s a big purchase, but this scooter has some incredible features not found on other fat tire electric scooters. Namely, the BoB Bike K1S has a built in security feature that uses the motor to lock the rear wheel whenever the electronics are locked. This makes it almost impossible for thieves to try to roll it away, and since it’s more than 40 GG it’s unlikely anyone will be able to run off with it. The K1S also has a super clean integrated lighting system that is actually bright enough to illuminate the rider’s path at night. The custom molded tires and aluminum frame are other good points, but the overall design is just so clean.

Who’s it for — Luxury cruisers with style in mind

This feels like a good choice for those who have some extra money saved up for a longterm commuting investment or a super sweet joyride. The BoB Bike K1S can easily function as a distance commuter and would work well in hilly areas and even for keeping up with traffic on side streets. It’s also simply one of the most enjoyable rides out there so this would also be a good choice for those who live near a beach or other beautiful scenery and just want to cruise around in style. If you’re looking for a high quality electric scooter that will last for years to come, the BoB Bike K1S is at the top of the list.

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✔ Self-Balancing – No kickstand makes the K1S easy to get on & go or stop & pop-off.

✔ Premium Battery & Build – There’s more to the K1s than big tires. This big wheel scooter was built to be the most reliable, beautiful and intelligently designed available. From LG 18650 battery cells to the 6061 aerospace aluminum frame with internally-routed wiring, BoB K1S is on top of the game.

✔ Plug & Play Design – With low-maintenance in mind, virtually every component on the K1S can be unplugged & replaced in 15 minutes or less with little-to-no technical skill and only basic instruction.

✔ High-Viz LED Lighting – Front and rear integrated LEDs that flash when you brake ensure maximum visibility for enhanced road safety.

✔ Electronic Motor Lock – Deter theft with panache. When powered down K1S’s motor locks electronically, giving a subtle “resistance pulse” to anyone that tries to roll it away.

✔ RFID Key Card – Just swipe to unlock! A first-ever feature in the electric scooter or bicycle market.

✔ Instant Range Estimator – K1’s digital readout displays a real-time range estimate based on your immediate riding conditions, so you never get caught with your charge down.

✔ 9.5″ Custom Kenda Tires – Why give an inch when they really want 9.5? BIG tires equal more safety, comfortable ride, precise handling and awesome aesthetics. And at a true 9.5″ wide from edge to edge, K1S tires are bigger and badder than any other big wheel electric scooter out there.

✔ Save Time – Beat cars, use the bike lane, get there faster and park easily without getting raged-out in traffic or fussing about.

✔ Save Money – For the equivalent energy cost of 1 liter of gasoline, you can ride a BoB K1S over 400 KM.* At this rate, can you afford not to ride one?

✔ Look Good – Of course, there’s no accounting for taste, but try to find another product that captures the same quality of attention… … ?… … we’ll wait, it’ll take a while.

✔ Reduce Pollution – It’s electric!

Bijkomende informatie

Dimensions (L/B/H)

175*78*103.5 CM

Sit height (CM)


Weight (KG)


Load capacity (KG)


Suitable height (CM)

120, 220

Maximum speed (Km/h)

25 or 35

Action Radius (KM)


Suitable terrain

Cement, Asfalt, Vlakke Grond, Gras, Strand


10, 40

Voltage (VDC)


Maximun charging current (VDC)


Battery capacity(Ah)


Battery functionality

Smart battery management, Short circuit protection, Over current protection, Overload protection

Engine parameters


Power (Watt)


Nominal input current (VDC)

120, 240

Nominal output current (VDC)


Default charging current (AH)


Charging Time (hours)



TK Orange, Coastal Blue, Frost White, Flat Blackness, Hyper Lime, Fortune Red, Go Deep Grey, Stinger Yellow, Miami Pink

Suitable for public roads

Yes, but licence plate and insurance is required.


Offroad, Other tires are available (sold seperately)


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